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Upper Eyelid Platinum Chain Insertion


This narrated video demonstrates the insertion of a platinum chain weight into the upper lid of a patient with a facial nerve palsy.

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Upper Lid Cicatricial Entropion Correction With Amniotic Membrane in Linear IgA Disease

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This video demonstrates challenging upper lid entropion correction. This patient has advanced severe cicatrising entropion. An upper lid posterior lamella tarsal rotation is performed 엔플라잉 옥탑방 다운로드. An amniotic membrane graft is used to cover the posterior tarsal surface to reduce the likelihood of disease flair up.


Nasolacrimal Stenting Damage to the Terminal Nasolacrimal Duct


This narrated video demonstrates a nasolacrimal stenting procedure and shows how easily damage can be caused to the terminal end of the nasolacrimal duct 다운로드.

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Myogenic/Congenital Ptosis Silicon Frontalis Sling

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This narrated video demonstrates the correction of a myogenic/congenital ptosis with a silicon frontalis sling or brow suspension procedure.

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Canaliculus Laceration Repair With Mini Monoka Stent


This narrated video demonstrates the repair of a lower lid canalicular laceration using a mini-Monoka stent.

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Lester Jones Tube Insertion Post Medial Canthal Tumour Excision

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The narrated video demonstrates the insertion of a Lester Jones lacrimal bypass tube in a patient who has previously had a medial canthal tumour excision 다운로드. Jones tubes are challenging in these circumstances as they frequently migrate inwards. We explore the possible locations that the tube can be sited to try and improve stability 다운로드.

Lateral Canthal Tendon Re-position and SOOF Lift

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This narrated video demonstrates lower lid tightening and lateral canthus re-position in a patient with a congenital VIIth nerve palsy. The procedure shows the reposition of the lateral canthal tendon and a SOOF (sub-obicularis oculi fat) lift to support the new position free video cutter.

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Hughes Tarso-conjunctival Flap Division

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This narrated video demonstrates the division, or Stage 2, of a Hughes tarso-conjunctival flap

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Myogenic Ptosis, Goretex Frontalis Sling


This video demonstrates the use of a Goretex frontalis sling for myogenic ptosis. The Goretex sling is cut from a sheet of Goretex. About 10 ‘Y’ shaped slings can be cut from each Goretex sheet and then each individually sterilised and packaged for different patients 다운로드.

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Sizing an upper lid gold weight


This narrated video demonstrates how to select the appropriate weight for an upper lid gold weight or platinum chain. It shows the effect on the lid position of a weight that is too light or too heavy and a weight that is moved horizontally on the lid 바다탐험대 옥토넛 시즌4 더 파이널.

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Evisceration and Orbital Ball Implant

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This narrated video demonstrates an evisceration and orbital ball implant using an acrylic ball.

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Endoscopic DCR and Lester Jones tube


This video demonstrates a modified DCR and Lester Jones tube insertion. The DCR has a smaller mucosal window and osteotomy than normal, which may help secure the Jones tube 리포트디자이너.


Asian ptosis, retractor advance and resect


This video demonstrates ptosis surgery in an Asian patient. Disinsertion of the upper lid retractors with dissection between Mullers muscle and conjunctiva is shown, followed by advancement and resection of redundant retractor tissue

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