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Lester Jones tube with endoscopic DCR

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This video demonstrates a modified endo DCR and Lester Jones tube lacrimal drainage tube insertion. The DCR has a smaller ostium and no flaps. This patient has had previous medial canthal tumour excision surgery resulting in medial ankyloblepharon 다운로드. This is divided prior to insertion of the Jones tube. The lack of medial canthal support can be problematic with Lester Jones tubes resulting in more frequent medial migration than in the normal medial canthus 다운로드. In this case, we site the tube more medially – closer to the conjunctival-skin margin to try to achieve greater stability.


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  1. Sue Hennessey says:

    After two unsuccessful surgeries, my Dr. is going to do the Jones Tube procedure. This video was most helpful and educational as well. It’s scary to watch but I trust Dr. Patel, and I know this procedure will definitely correct the problem I have had for several years. Oh what a relief it will be.

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