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Myogenic/Congenital Ptosis Silicon Frontalis Sling

24 Nov, 2015 uploaded   /    3,216 views

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This narrated video demonstrates the correction of a myogenic/congenital ptosis with a silicon frontalis sling or brow suspension procedure.

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2 responses to “Myogenic/Congenital Ptosis Silicon Frontalis Sling”

  1. Hatem A Tawfik, MD says:

    1. Maybe a combined use of 6-0 prolene and Vicryl on the surface of the tarsus would further help to prevent slipping of the silicone ?.
    2. Why do you pass the suture through the sleeve itself ? Cant this result in abrasion of the sleeve and later slippage ?
    3. What exactly is the part no. of the silicone sleeve that you use. I noticed that you use a broad piece of the sleeve which may be a very good point because it would facilitate fetching the sling in cases of recurrence.

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