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Orbital Sling Technique


The orbital sling technique may be employed to reduce the risk of post operative diplopia during endoscopic medial orbital wall decompression.  This video was produced and narrated by Mr Huw Oliphant, oculoplastic surgeon 다운로드.


Marginal strip intraoperative margin control in periocular tumour excision surgery

This narrated video demonstrates the use of the ‘marginal strip’ for intraoperative margin control during periocular tumour excision surgery 다운로드. The marginal strip is a thin strip of tissue that is excised separately from the main tumour specimen and immediately examined histopathologically to confirm the margin is clear before reconstruction 다운로드. It provides the opportunity for en-face tumour examination, rather than ‘bread loaf’ slicing of the specimen. In en-face examination the whole surface is examined, giving much greater confidence that the margin is truly clear, compared to breadloaf slicing in which as little as 10% of the edge is actually examined 다운로드.

The video show how to excise the strip as well as covering labelling of the strip and shows histopathological slides of the tumour specimen and the clear marginal strip 드라마 시티헌터 다운로드.

This video has been prepared by Dr Hanbin Lee, ophthalmologist, Sussex Eye Hospital and the histopathological slides and expertise provided by Dr Mara Quante  and Dr Michael Koenig, histopathologists, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital 다운로드.

Nasofacial sulcus island pedicle (V to Y) advancement flap


This narrated video demonstrates a nasofacial sulcus island pedicle (V to Y) advancement flap for reconstruction in the periocular region. This versatile flap is not widely used in the periocular area, but can be an effective way of recruiting skin from an area of laxity to the periocular area and leave a discrete scar in the nasofacial sulcus 다운로드. The formation of an island flap is unfamiliar to many oculoplastic surgeons; this video guides one through it and explores aspects of technique and possible complications xinetd rpm download.