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Threading a silicon in reverse directions through the sleeve

16 Nov, 2020 uploaded   /    828 views

This narrated video demonstrates how to pass or thread the silicon sling that is used for frontalis sling or brow suspension ptosis surgery through the sleeve in reverse directions, when the pre-attached needles have been removed in order to use the Wright fascia needle 마이 백 페이지. The standard silicon sling set comes with needles at either end of the length of silicon, but many surgeons remove these, finding it easier to to pass the sling between lid and brow with the Wright fascia needle which has a curve to facilitate passage in the correct post-septal/pre-apo plane and has a finger holder to stop it rotating 다운로드. However, once the needles have been removed, it can be tricky to pass the flexible silicon through the sleeve and even more so if one prefers to pass the silicon sling ends in reverse directions 다운로드. It is probably more common to pass the sling ends through the sleeve in the same direction, but it is possible that the sling is easier to tighten and with less counter tension causing it to loosen if the sling ends are passed in reverse directions 타카네노 하나 다운로드. However – although we know that silicon slings can be prone to slippage – at present there is a lack of evidence as to exactly how slippage occurs or might be minimised or prevented 다운로드.

This video was prepared by Ms Mena Al Whouhayb and Dr Radhika Dashputra



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