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Upper lid lowering, anterior approach

02 Jun, 2016 uploaded   /    2,516 views

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This narrated video demonstrates upper lid lowering for thyroid eye disease associated upper lid retraction. It reviews the approach to upper lid retractor release and methods of maintaining the skin crease position 다운로드.
We would like to acknowledge Dr Barney Smith, consultant oculoplastic surgeon, who did and recorded the surgery.


One response to “Upper lid lowering, anterior approach”

  1. Daniela says:

    I require a scar revision of my right eye to LOWER my crease to its original position. as the scar is preventing my eye to crease on its natural ‘(lower) crease.

    I have looked at this video “Upper Lid Lowering Anterior Approach”, thinking that the crease would be lowered, but it seems to be heightened instead….? Is this the wrong title?

    So my question is….. could you lower my eyelid crease? Also I require fat grafting to my eyes to get their original contour back. My goal is to restore my eyes ‘hooded’ look, as I once had. Thanks.

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